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We launched Valley Lights Church in the Summer of 2020 to help people experience the joy of a Bible-centered life with a refreshing community of people. 

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Bruce & Erin Wood

Bruce is the Pastor of Valley Lights Church


I am convinced that we lack the foundation needed to build lasting joy and purpose. There are many voices in our culture telling us what to do. But only God has the right to give us the direction we need.

If you come visit, you won’t be told what to do. You will be presented with ideas from God’s Word to consider. They will be presented logically and without pressure so that you can decide for yourself what God wants you to do with your life.

As a parent raising kids during such unpredictable times, I am convinced we need to build our lives on the foundation of God's Word.

I invite you to join us soon and decide for yourself!

- Bruce

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Launch Team

Relocated Summer of 2020

Our launch team of 10 adults and 8 children moved with us to lay the groundwork for this church; from the nuts and bolts of setting up a welcoming service to the values and culture that allow people to thrive and grow.

Our Partners

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What We Believe

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